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Musttakim and Tabbasum are sisters. They have 7 siblings, 5 sisters and 2 brothers. They are from East Uttar Pradesh but their parents moved to Delhi for employment, their father sell bangles door to door and their mother works cleaning houses. They could not continue their education past primary school. They live in a small 1 room house here in Delhi, so they need to earn money help their family for livelihood. They joined Sakhi Kunj in 2016, without any skill training. Sakhi Kunj provided them with many different types of training for arts and crafts like quelling, yoga jewelry making, and ornament designing. They are beautiful souls helping their parents to support their families. Presently they are experts in making different types of handicraft items, especially yoga jewelry, they have become very talented artists.


Reetu is around 25 years old. She is physically challenged, so it is especially important for her to be skilled, confident and able. Her father wants her to study and qualify for her B.A. but she gets very stressed in exams and is not interested in university. Instead, Reetu wants to become a beautician. She would like to join a professional course for this, but she will be getting married in February and her father cannot spend more money on a course as he is saving for her wedding. Reetu makes greeting cards and some other handicrafts at Sakhi Kunj to earn some money for herself.


Nargis belongs to a Muslim family from a village in Uttar Pradesh. She is excellent in her studies and was first in her class. She wants to study medicine. However, as her family comes from a poor background and a Muslim community where girls’ education is not important, her father would not allow her to go into higher education. Fortunately her school principal approached Sakhi Kunj, and we were able to contact an NGO which provides scholarships for women in Nargis’s position. Nargis received the scholarship, and through some counselling work with her father and brother we were able to help get her into a college near her village. Finally she is able to take a lab technician course and is charting the course to her empowerment!


Yogita is a housewife and mother of two boys. She lives with her family near Sakhi Kunj in a small rented house. She does stitching and her husband works on daily basis as a carpenter. Sometimes he has work but sometimes he has to stay at home because there is lots of unemployment in India. It is important for Yogita to work and earn money to help her family maintain their livelihood. She wants her children to have access to education, enough food, and proper clothing. She knew how to stitch before she joined Sakhi Kunj, but through us she is now able to use her skills to earn fair wages for her beautiful work.

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Sakhi Kunj is an alliance of women living in the slums of Delhi and surrounding rural areas. Our mission is to support these women for equal opportunities through access to employment, financial assistance, healthcare, and education for themselves, their families, and their communities.

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